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can we have a group hug with selena and just tell her how much we love her and how perfect she is

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@huxch: Allow her to reintroduce herself


@huxch: Allow her to reintroduce herself

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i don’t know what caption to put in this but i wanted to post this because aside of what the media paints of justin bieber, he is a good person. he shows that he cares for others, and that includes animals as well. justin bieber is a good person, no matter what the media says or makes him seem that he’s a bad influence to others. They never show this side of justin bieber. The Justin Bieber that supports good causes, helps others and cares of what is going on around the world. Justin is a smart person. He knows what he is doing. If Justin Bieber was an ignorant person, he would had never stopped and listened to this person’s cause. Also he asked the kid for a shirt and a information leaflet.

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Selena talks about Justin’s wax figure (x)

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